Are you ready to claim your Divinity?

Find your Truth within, find your strength and means to self-heal. Come to a place of greater self-understanding, healing, and personal wisdom.


Healing Offerings

Energy Healing & Reiki Sessions

Discover the incredible power of energy healing. Each session is a unique experience that will leave you feeling at peace and transformed.

Personal Octahedron Activation

Using our power of imagination and intention, we can activate the sacred container of our energetic octahedron to bring harmony and balance to our own bodies and energy fields.

Dowsing with Your Higher Self as Guide

For all 6th and 7th Initiates from Alpha Imaging. In this course, you will develop even further your relationship with your Higher Self.


Recent Guest Appearances

The Spiritual Geek Podcast: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Spirits Ascending: Reiki Master Jan Thompson on the Light We Cannot See